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Darjeeling 'B' Class 0-4-0

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

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Billy 0-4-0

Design by Andrew Barclay in Scotland

Katie 0-4-0

Katie is of typical narrow gauge saddle tank locomotive design.

Bertie 0-4-0

Bertie is the third locomotive in our 'Basic Series'.

Sammie 0-4-0

Sammie is the second locomotive of our new 'Basic Series'.

Silver Lady 0-6-0

'Silver Lady', a deluxe version of the venerable Lady Anne locomotive.

Lady Anne 0-6-0

Lady Anne is typical of a medium sized narrow gauge tank locomotive

Linda 0-4-0

Linda in early Ffestiniog Railway form.

Charles 0-4-0

Charles in Penrhyn Railway form.

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